Work with Me



Intra-organizational vistage-like meetings for organizational leadership development

A Fighting Chance: Investing into Your Professional and Personal Relationships
Competence training and roadmaps for helping members engage in their best form

The Art of Breakthrough
Helping leaders, managers, problem-solvers and teams access the tools and methods for moving beyond impasses, stuck-ness, recurring conflict and dysfunctions.

Just Workplace Cultures
Based on the paper, Just Workplace for the Rest of Us, a primer on the most progress safety management practice used to assess alleged harms—physical, psychological, or otherwise.



Keystone Leading
Using the ecological principles of trophic cascading and catalyst methodologies in more hierarchical organizations.

Renaissance Thinking
Capturing the paradigm shifts and epiphanies in successful organizations since the 1940s that “changed the game” in achieving synergy, resilience, and results.



“As co-chairs of the Board of Hope worldwide (HWW), we would like to commend Steve Staten for the organizational development and conflict resolution support he provided to HWW in the early spring of 2015 … The outcome which Steve was able to facilitate was not only consistent with our organization’s values, but it created a platform for internal collaboration, communication, and quickly enabled us to address outstanding challenges. We could not have done this without Steve’s skillful advice and tactful development of culturally sensitive solutions. He was viewed by all parties as fair, balanced, and thoughtful. … Hope worldwide is in a much better place today, because of Steve’s contribution and work on our behalf.”

—Jeffrey Jones and H Alex Hunter, Interim Co-Chairmen, Board of Directors
HOPE WorldWide, A Global Charity


“In my professional life and personal life, I have worked with many mediators, arbitrators, facilitators, ministers, and other professional and lay people who help people and organizations resolve conflict. Steve and Tricia are the most effective conflict resolution professionals that I have ever worked with.” 

—Alice Hall, previous OCC board president and previous CEO of Hawaii Health Systems Corp.
Oahu Church of Christ, A Highly Cross Cultural Religious Body


“By the end of 2012 a conflict occurred in one of our ministries that exposed a breech of trust and weakness in relationships between the leadership and a significant number of members. Though some progress was being made it became apparent that our internal resources could not be dedicated to the extent necessary to bring the situation to a positive resolution and time was moving on. As a result in the summer of 2013 Steve and Tricia Staten were contacted and asked to work with us to bring both their professionalism with their unique skill set and training in conflict management and an independent point of view for us to best move forward ...The Staten’s work ethic was admirable, they worked tireless to meet with members and staff to listen and provide guidance. During this process the leadership of the ministry underwent change and the Staten’s stepped in to the leadership role for several months. Steve’s transparency and documentation of the process helped everyone rebuilt trust that had been damaged. And he became involved in planning of the search for a new ministry leader for the group. … We fully endorse the Statens in their work and we are grateful for their help.”

-The Los Angeles International Church of Christ, A Multi-Site Church of 6,000