Over the last few years I have developed and practiced The Renaissance Advantage™ in Hawaii, California, Florida, the Heartland, the Midwest, the Northwest, and internationally. I have consulted with large or multi-cultural churches including risk management for non-for-profits. The Renaissance Advantage™ is based on breakthrough strategies and tools from multiple disciplines such as (Systems thinking, Just Culture processes, Cross-Cultural dimension theories), just to name a few.

I also train facilitators and leaders how to utilize The Renaissance Advantage™ to breach impasses in a variety of industries and endeavors. That means your organization could increase the number of problem-solvers capable of transforming conflict, dysfunction and stasis within your own organization.

I call it The Renaissance Advantage™ because the breakthroughs organizations experience are comparable to High Renaissance contributions that liberated science, industry, arts and religion mired in the gloom of the Dark Ages. Groundbreaking advances were made in astronomy, geography, sciences, medicine, printing, and travel. There was one area, however, that never saw the renaissance light—organizational theory. Only in recent years has western nations and institutions begun to see an alternative to the top-down, command and control, closed organizational model.

We are in a new Renaissance, one that empowers individuals and organizations to openly seek adventurous learning systems for perceiving reality, facing serious challenges and optimizing their resources.

The Renaissance Advantage™ is rooted in time-tested wisdom for successfully maneuvering crisis, overcoming stasis, providing safety, increasing employee engagement, preventing brand fallout,  and resolving conflict. Although several sectors have already been revolutionized or impacted by adopting organizational improvement models (e.g. aviation, automakers, heath care, education, rail, and technology) many organizations remain stuck. 

Through the Renaissance Advantage™ I introduce masterminds and their organizations to those who changed the rules and upped the game. I make use of ancient and timeless texts such as the Bible as well as the learning of philosophers, artists, and kings.  I also include the contemporary contributions of Victor Frankl, Edward Deming, Russel Ackoff, Edwin Friedman, William Ury, Peter Senge, and others. I make use of relevant case studies tailored to participants in order to demonstrate the “breakthrough” that can happen in any organization.

This learning transfers in two distinct formats:

  • Mastermind Groups (5-15)—for leaders and senior management
  • Workshops (15-150)—for mid-management and teams



Certified Just Culture Champion, Outcome Engenuity, 2016

M.A. Conflict ManagementInstitute for Conflict Management, Lipscomb University, 2013

M.A. New Testament Theology, Wheaton College, 1997

B.A. Electrical Engineering Technology, Northern Illinois University, 1981